More Disney Shorts, More Star Wars Releases and Film Comparisons/Delays

Jim Hill : Wouldn’t it be cool if …
…the Walt Disney Feature Animation division went back into the business of animated shorts? MORE RUNAWAY BRAIN! Hooray!

Yikes… more OT STAR WARS DVD details have been released and Quint goes on a little rant…
So the original un-messed with trilogy, eh? Han will shoot first again! But is it worth it? I already own 4 copies of the films (VHS recorded from TV, VHS remastered black case, VHS digital special edition gold case, DVD digital special edition silver case)…do I really need a 5th and then a 6th (HD, Blu-ray, whoever wins).

Capone grills Andy Garcia on THE LOST CITY, Cuba, OCEAN’S 13 and mucho mas!!!
Yay for Andy Garcia. He’s a good actor in many ways. I guess I will see Ocean’s 13…I just hope there’s a better story than 12.

UPDATED: Narnia’s PRINCE CASPIAN leaps to Summer 2008!
At least it’s still being made!

X3 Expands Berry’s Storm
Why does she always have to be about women’s lib? Or at least, that’s how I keep thining of it and i have to have SOMEBODY to blame for Catwoman’s lib stand.

Box Office Mojo > Features > Poseidon Then and Now
A cool chart comparing the two features.

Jim Hill : “My character is the only thing in this whole movie that stinks”
Over the Hedge’s Wanda Sykes talks about her plans for the future. I’m still scared…I hope it’s good.

Roger Colton : Ruminations: “Cars” tunes
Because it’s Pixar, I might preorder the CD…and it’s the first time I’ve seen a digital download with e-booklet included.

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