Smaller Cars, DARPA Challenge, and Chinese Mag Lev

BBC NEWS | Technology | Green mini-car to beat congestion

So wait…we’re going to solve traffic congestion by making everyone drive smaller cars? Why do I get the horrible feeling that this not only isn’t going to work (smaller cars doesn’t mean smarter people) but that this would never take off in America? Oh yeah, because Americans are too fat to fit in these things!

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Scientists make water run uphill

It’s M.C. Escher all over again!

iTWire – Mac, welcome to the virus zone

Ha ha. They can’t have it both ways…

Net could incite self-destruction :

Great, another half-assed study trying to blame the web for faulty parental training.

Cyprus women break world bra chain record

I don’t know what frighten’s me more: that there was a bra chain record or that someone aspired to break it…how monumentally unimportant is your life that you have to break the bra chain record to get attention? I guess it’s no more worse than a blog like mine. 😉

Newsvine – China Tests New Levitation Train

The future is chugging right along towards us! Whee!

Newsvine – Scientists Vote to Track Down Jaguar

Having read Michael Crichton’s State of Fear, I don’t know whether to feel pleased or ambivalent…can human activity ever manage to preserve nature? We change one thing to protect one aspect, and affect numerous other things and aspects, most times to extinction.

» Screw YouTube » InsideGoogle » part of the Blog News Channel

One man’s harrowing and unsuccessful battle with the YouTube administration heralds the dawning of a new era…mostly he was just one of the ones chosen when YouTube started to make the point about no copyrighted material unless you own the copyright.

Snarkmarket: Grand Theft Auto-matic

Hooray! Self-driving cars get a day on the town! Hopefully, this challenge will be the one to really push this technology into the consumer market.

Metadata as a filing system on Windows – Lifehacker

A handy alternative to Google Desktop: actually using Windows? I know it sounds unbelieveable, but it just might work…

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