Our National Identity Under Attack, Defended and…Dead Dolphins?!?

Penny Arcade! – Whence Wii
Today’s comic is alright, but the real reason to check this out is the mailbag entry near the bottom. God bless our troops! May our national identity not be corrupted by illegal immigration so that our troops can come home to a place where Penny Arcade makes us all laugh.

The Dilbert Blog: Motivated by Money
Scott Adams poignantly proves that the war in Iraq WASN’T about oil…now if only we could convince the mis-educated, liberal media-hordes out there who think that was the only reason…

Bush Opposes Singing Anthem in Spanish
So he’s trying to take a stand? I’m glad he is. This song <linked from the John and Ken Show> is absolutely infuriating. Can we bring them up on plagurism charges? It’s absolutely insulting that they would take our national anthem and rewrite it for those who support ILLEGAL activity! God! When will this be over?

400 Dead Dolphins Found Off African Coast
Government went on the air and said “Don’t eat the meat”. Later it is reported that those who ate the meat are doing fine. I guess nobody really does listen to the government.

Al-Qaida Leaders Losing Control, U.S. Says
But the war can’t end because the terrorists are now free-lancing.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | New Orleans hosts jazz festival
Hooray! Viva New Orleans! Irony: I’ll get inflamed about the Spanish language when it tries to corrupt our national identity, but I’ll turn right around and use it to celebrate…isn’t living in a melting pot great?

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