Star Trek 11 Rumors Off Base, History of Song Of The South, and How Oil In Iraq ISN’T Saving Us Money At The Pump – J.J says Star Trek news not entirely true
This is very welcome news. If they tried to prequelize the original series, you would have trekkie riots in the streets. I’m glad J.J. is smart enough to know that. This give me hope for the film. But what about The Next Gen cast? Are we just going to make original ideas in the Star Trek universe? Trying to draw in more mainstream?

Wade Sampson : Wednesdays with Wade: Further thoughts on “Song of the South”
Bob Iger shut down the re-release to avoid big controversy due to political correctness. Frankly I understand what he’s trying to do. In his own words, he is placing the ethics and integrity of the Walt Disney Company over the desire to increase the bottom line. I think this shows Bob’s diplomatic skills and is a good sign for the future. Of course there’s also side news about it being released through the online Disney Vault coming in 2012. I can wait that long…especially with my downloaded copy. 😉

The Dilbert Blog: The Oil Theory of Iraq
Scott asks us to explain why we went to war in Iraq for oil and gets some resoundingly patriotic replies. Cool.

Mario – Live – Google Video
Oh…my…God! This is ridiculously beautiful.

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