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Star Trek – Century 20 @ Bella Terra, Huntington Beach, CA

This is my event movie for this summer…if I didn’t see any other movie this summer I would be happy…well the first half of summer (Harry Potter)…well for May (no wait there’s Up and Terminator)…well I left the theatre feeling uplifted and optimistic and just plain jazzed. Not only is the film chock full of inside references (which are geek-tastic every time), but the story is absolutely fantastic. The science fiction is at acceptable levels (black holes are very destructive and space is sometimes silent) and the acting is perfect. Yay! It’s Jennifer Morrison (Cameron from House) as Kirk’s mom! Talk about awesome big screen cameos! If the end of the credits says that the movie is for somebody or in honor of somebody, that usually means that person died during the production of the film, right? [checks IMDB]…NOOOOO!!! Majel Barret died! *tear* Spoiler reviews that I enjoyed: Jim Hill … Continue reading →

West Side Story Injuries (Detail)

Thursday night (3 performances left) during the opening number, I started a move, went up on my left toe and came down to a crouched position….when I did, something popped in my left knee….the choreography had me jumping back up a half second later (longest half second of my life), but the damage was done. I made it through the rest of the show alright and saw the chiropractor in the morning. Luckily I had just hyper-extended it, so the muscles were a little stiff, but prone to damage, so I did the next show with a knee brace. Then during that show, I bruised my right thumb during “Cool” (I have to support myself/push myself up with my hands during the show and I did it wrong). I saw the chiropractor again the morning after, but there was very little to do except ice it and use it as … Continue reading →

Brief Recap of My Birthday Extravaganza

Disneyland for a Monte Cristo sandwich at the Cafe Orleans, then an hour fifteen wait for the subs. Then go home, get all dressed up and truck it out to LA for Maxwell Demille’s Cicada Club party/bash/thing. Robert Picardo (the Doctor from Star Trek Voyager) sang a couple of songs and he wasn’t bad actually. His first “set” was “Swinging on a Star” and “San Fernando Valley”, so he gets like 50,000 bonus points right there because those are two freaking awesome songs that I absolutely love. Then I accidentally kicked him later while doing 20’s charleston – oops! He also made a great star trek joke about three gay Klingons – Maxene, Patty, and LaVerne (The Andrews Sisters) before singing either “Drinking Rum and Coke” or some song along those lines. Richard Halpern Awesome performer – oh mammy!/muquin Rusty Frank was great tap dancing all over the place, the … Continue reading →

Star Trek 11 Rumors Off Base, History of Song Of The South, and How Oil In Iraq ISN’T Saving Us Money At The Pump

Moviehole.net – J.J says Star Trek news not entirely true This is very welcome news. If they tried to prequelize the original series, you would have trekkie riots in the streets. I’m glad J.J. is smart enough to know that. This give me hope for the film. But what about The Next Gen cast? Are we just going to make original ideas in the Star Trek universe? Trying to draw in more mainstream? Wade Sampson : Wednesdays with Wade: Further thoughts on “Song of the South” Bob Iger shut down the re-release to avoid big controversy due to political correctness. Frankly I understand what he’s trying to do. In his own words, he is placing the ethics and integrity of the Walt Disney Company over the desire to increase the bottom line. I think this shows Bob’s diplomatic skills and is a good sign for the future. Of course there’s … Continue reading →

Renewing Your Passport And New Language

So I renewed my passport today. I got in just under the wire, as it takes 6 weeks to get a new one and my flight leaves Friday, June 29th (8 weeks from today). My dad and I are going to Amsterdam via New York via Toronto via New York via Kansas City via Los Angeles. Why the long legs? The Toronto leg is two fold: Niagara Falls (missed it on my first New York trip in 2002) and the new Lord of the Rings Musical. I’m wary, but I’ve read several articles and it looks like fun. Definitely worth the trip. While in New York we’re going to check out Spamalot, since Steven Wynn is a bastard (he landlocked the West Coast with a contract for a SHORTENED VERSION that will only play in Vegas in a new theatre he’s building…damn youse!). To get to New York from Los … Continue reading →

Guilty Killer Turns Himself In and Cyclone Larry Is Easily Anticipated

Bloomberg.com: Asia | Australia’s Cyclone Larry More Powerful Than Hurricane Katrina Yeah it’s a tragic story…but it’s not generating anything near what Bush dealt with…damn Australia’s got it together…definitely not goin “WTF, mate?” King Kong & the Merits of Character Interplay | The New Gamer The game looks like fun. The Dilbert Blog: Things That Used to Be True Scientific theory can not be proved, only disproved. Eczema, asthma gene discovery Now a cure can be discovered! Hooray! BBC NEWS | Health | Uneven breasts linked to cancer Asymmetry must be punished wherever it lies! Is this a genetic thing? What does it look like? Or is that too prudish a quesiton to ask? BBC NEWS | Business | Flash memory price ‘to drop 25%’ Hooray! Now that 1GB stick of memory will be much cheaper! BBC NEWS | Business | Wal-Mart to hire 150,000 Chinese Wal-Mart ramps up it’s … Continue reading →


This movie was intriguing…if you look past the left-wing wacko theory Clooney and cohorts are trying to push (there will be no peace in the Middle East if it doesn’t help American big business)…because if you look past the politics of the movie, it’s really fun to watch. But because the politics are there, this film screams propaganda. Which is sad because it was a lot like a Tom Clancy novel and I am a big fan of his blend of political intrigue (as opposed to Robert Ludlum’s). Just such a damn shame that artists have to send political messages with their art.. The movie takes its name from what some think-tanks in Washington D.C. would call the Ideal Middle-Eastern State*. It follows George Clooney, an undercover agent (specializing in getting information out of people and then killing them) who loves to send memos (why?) and Matt Damon, an energy … Continue reading →


Gargoyles Back when I was younger, Disney had a really cool afternoon program arrangement that aired on K-CAL 9 (at least where I was). It was entitled The Disney Afternoon. I really enjoyed it because it was fun to come home from school and watch the next generation of Disney toons. (Heh, Next Generation. I love Star Trek). Speaking of Star Trek, there was one of those new toons that I came to thoroughly enjoy and celebrate. Gargoyles. “In 1994, Buena Vista Television released the animated series Gargoyles. The show followed the adventures of a band of Scottish gargoyles in present-day New York after sleeping in stone under a magic spell for a thousand years. Gargoyles quickly became a hit with fans and lasted for two more seasons. Unfortunately, in early 1997 Buena Vista Television cancelled Gargoyles, despite the millions of fans who loved it.” The above quote is from … Continue reading →