Brief Recap of My Birthday Extravaganza

Disneyland for a Monte Cristo sandwich at the Cafe Orleans, then an hour fifteen wait for the subs. Then go home, get all dressed up and truck it out to LA for Maxwell Demille’s Cicada Club party/bash/thing.

Robert Picardo (the Doctor from Star Trek Voyager) sang a couple of songs and he wasn’t bad actually. His first “set” was “Swinging on a Star” and “San Fernando Valley”, so he gets like 50,000 bonus points right there because those are two freaking awesome songs that I absolutely love. Then I accidentally kicked him later while doing 20’s charleston – oops! He also made a great star trek joke about three gay Klingons – Maxene, Patty, and LaVerne (The Andrews Sisters) before singing either “Drinking Rum and Coke” or some song along those lines.

Richard Halpern
Awesome performer – oh mammy!/muquin

Rusty Frank was great tap dancing all over the place, the Hollywood Hornets busted out the Big Apple, and Dean Mora and his orchestra were incredible – can’t wait for live album (hopefully they recorded last night’s performance).

I did get recognized for my birthday and the band/crowd sang to me, but no birthday dance…oh well.

All in all a very enjoyable celebration (even if I was very tired).

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