Evan Almighty

I got sick of the trailer for this movie way before it came out (I think because I kept going to movies and kept seeing the trailer and all those movie posters with Steve Carrel in the Marilyn Monroe pose ala Noah). I didn’t really have a problem with the concept at that point because I had enjoyed the positive Christian message in Bruce Almighty and expected the same from this one, but as the trailer/posters/etc. kept intruding in my life, I think I became so sick of it I tried to translate my annoyance at the promotions into genuine dislike for the movie based on the fact God saying He wouldn’t flood the Earth ever again. Through this transference of dislike I became convinced that this movie was just horribly wrong and that I would hate it. Well I’m glad to say that I enjoyed this movie very much. It has a nice, positive message that I feel positively reflects the best of Christianity.

But beyond that, the movie is a standard replay of those man-loves-job-more-than-family-goes-through-life-changing-thingy-and-becomes-closer-to-his-family (Dr. Doolittle remake, The Santa Clause, etc.). It’s an enjoyable flick with a positive uplifting message and an exploration of modern society’s acceptance of God (can you go into Congress and say God told me to build an ark?).

What were those pocupine like creatures that started following him?

In the first large animal shot, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

And anteaters are well featured, so ZOT!

The baboon monkey creatures that were featured were either the same or very similar to the ones that humped The Rock’s face in The Rundown.

Jonah Hill’s big breakout was the movie Accepted. In the thank you’s, one of the people thanked is Bartleby Gaines, who was Justin Long’s character in Accepted. Coincidence? I think not!

Previz company named Persistence of Vision – awesome.

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