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Sweeney Todd – Musical Theatre West

Phenomenal!!! I walked out of the theatre like. giddy fan boy! This musical is almost tied with Urinetown as the show I’ve seen the most (I’ve seen 5 different productions of Urinetown and now 4 of Sweeney – once with Norman Large (EEEE) at Riverside Community Theatre; once with John Massey Jr directing, musical directing and starring as Sweeney at STAGEStheatre; and once at the Ahmanson with it’s Tony-award winning “artistic” rendition). Does the movie count as the fifth time? ;-D This was hands-down one of the best large stage productions of Sweeney Todd I’ve ever seen. The set design, the lighting, the dancing, the singing, the acting – it’s all absolutely phenomenal. It’s no small wonder that the director (who has been in several productions of Sweeney as The Beadle – including the first National Tour) was able to pull this off, but even today it’s still a masterful … Continue reading →

The Andrews Brothers – Musical Theatre West

A most amusing musical with a 4 person cast, from the guy who brought us the The Marvelous Wonderettes (Roger Bean). Chronicling the madcap mayhem that ensues when three brothers have to double duty their stage hand duties and perform on stage at a USO show when the Andrews Sisters get chicken pox, this is a highly enjoyable jukebox musical featuring the greatest hits of Patti, Maxine and Laverne. I hate that the program isn’t in show order, but just a list of the songs used because there were some REALLY GOOD medleys that I would love to hear again (luckily the author’s website has the accurate song listings…yay!). Starring David Engel, Stan Chandler and *Patrick* as the brothers and *Peggy* as Peggy Jones the pin-up girl, the show has lots of energy and is really funny. Not to mention great music…it was torture to have to sit and listen … Continue reading →

The Full Monty

I have loved this musical ever since David Sidoni (of Newsies and OCHSA fame) played “Big Ass Rock” for a warm-up at Orange County Song and Dance Summer Camp many years ago. And I’ve been waiting to see it ever since I chose not to go to the national tour at OCPAC back in 2003 (long story about surgery and not sure I would be able to sit down in a chair for that long a time). It’s been gone for 4 years! I’m so grateful to Music Theatre West for producing it! The show is absolutely genius. I just love David Yazbek’s music and lyrics. And the story is very thoughtful as well. It deals with men not able to be men in their lives (being unemployed makes it kind of hard to bring the bread home) and finding courage to do something that not many people do…strip. It … Continue reading →