Star Trek – Century 20 @ Bella Terra, Huntington Beach, CA

This is my event movie for this summer…if I didn’t see any other movie this summer I would be happy…well the first half of summer (Harry Potter)…well for May (no wait there’s Up and Terminator)…well I left the theatre feeling uplifted and optimistic and just plain jazzed.

Not only is the film chock full of inside references (which are geek-tastic every time), but the story is absolutely fantastic. The science fiction is at acceptable levels (black holes are very destructive and space is sometimes silent) and the acting is perfect.

Yay! It’s Jennifer Morrison (Cameron from House) as Kirk’s mom! Talk about awesome big screen cameos!

If the end of the credits says that the movie is for somebody or in honor of somebody, that usually means that person died during the production of the film, right? [checks IMDB]…NOOOOO!!! Majel Barret died! *tear*

Spoiler reviews that I enjoyed:
Jim Hill : Set phasers on fun: “Star Trek“Â reboot is really a kick
Jim Hill tries to scientifically prove that the new film really IS his father’s Star Trek…and tells us where the tribble is!

The Future Is Bright Indeed
I didn’t consciously realized this, but it’s a nice addition to the film…

have been and always shall be…
Scott Kurtz talks about his and his father’s experience…

Messing with the Time/Space Continuum
Yep…that’s the movie for you…

webcomics @ chainsawsuit by kris straub for Monday, May 11, 2009
Kris Straub pokes fun at Star Trek…

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