The Rock Church Worship Service


All Creatures Of Our God And King
Your Grace Is Enough (dance)
Our Great God
Everything Is In Your Hands


Honoring the youth leaders
Scott and Kathy
Grace Elizabeth Kladnik
Judy Horn
Jenny MacGruder
Chris Simpson


Our relationship with our bible
Two points, can’t fit them both in
Do you read your bible everyday? How much per week? Source of hope or discouragement?
Benefits without commitments
Strengthened by it’s wisdom, frightened by it’s standards
If you’re not in your bible, you won’t understand His love
We know it has answers and hope, but so do other things
1. Flawless – Psalms 12
2. Perfect – 19
3. Spirit and life – john 6:63
Living, active, discerning
First Principle: The bible is wisdom and understanding for us today
In a given day you make 300 decisions
Grace usually starts her day while he is “in prayer”
She makes 300 decisions getting dressed
90% trivial
Wear, get up, snooze, breakfast, email or espn, lunch, respond to person, talk to boss, interact with people
Should I deduct this from taxes? Business decision? Buy house, yellow light, this job, tithe, matt adn grace to dinner
It’s like Easter Egg hunting
You see wisdom that you want and you grab it
Motivations, goals, hurts, victories
Bucket mostly has good stuff
But we’re also shaped by earthly things
Green eggs had money
Then comes peanut butter cups
You are proactive – you collect the priorities you trust
Our God influence is probably less than our worldly influence…generally speaking
Who do you want shaping you? The Word
2 Samuel 24 – David’s troubles
David took a census
Worldly reality way more than God’s reality
Big numbers bolster worldly confidence, pride
2 Cor 4:16-18
The numbers shape my tithe – doesn’t give a set amount, gives a percentge
He was a teller
He liked numbers
Got to the training phase about counterfeits
This is a real dollar, what it does in light, what it feels like
Taught him God’s reality first
When you know the real, it’s easier to identify the false
One counterfeit didn’t slip by him because he knew what a real dollar felt like

Challenge to figure out what God’s best for us is
Lead me to your heart
Daily practice makes the difference
1 day without and you’ll know
2 days and your spouse/instructor will know
3 days and the whole world will know

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