The Rock Church Worship Service

Mother’s Day Tribute By The Youth


Your Love Never Fails (lindy)
Anthem To The King
The Stand
Hallelujah (waltz)


May 18th – basketball game at the Kladnik’s
Isaiah 51:1-2
1 peter 2:4-5
1 corinthians 3:16-17
Ephesians 2:19-21
What it means to love your family
Be the kingdom of heaven on this earth
Christian foundation – community of faith
Share the passion of Jesus
Transcends all boundaries (race, gender,etc)
Acts 1
Followers went out into culture and changed
15 years of training normally – Jesus led a 3 year crash course
8 disciples set out into Asia Minor
Asia = las vegas; corrupted
Coverted 98% of them
Covenant denomination’s goal for next ten years: conquer Las Vegas
Priene, off the coast of Greece
Temple of Athena
Cluster of houses that was joined together
2 step bench, closet on the east side, carving of two doves
Essentially a synagogue
Went against the flow

Paul mentions many house churches and their representatives
Pre-eminent Athena temple
In Athena’s temple, worship gained you a piece of socialism
Very large stone columns
Puts people in awe and devotion
Where is Yaweh’s temple?
Aropogas – marketplace
Acts 17:-26
House churches and living stones
God could’ve built a temple infinitely grander than any temple in the roman empire
God chips away at our lives
Takes away the things we think we need
Are we willing to be molded by God?
He is the Master Stone Cutter of the universe
Know that you’re in God’s hands
Who fills my place?
We have an opportunity to be lovingof the great community
Forget the concept of ” going to church”, we are the church
Paul contendedwith Barnabus and Peter, but never stopped loving them
Look at the temple of Athena He sees a pile of rocks
John 17:20-
Proof of Jesus Christis in His followers
Gossip and slander tear the church apart
The devil encourages that
125 years later, Asia movement starts to die
Why? House communities started going to church instead of being the church
Community of faith, taking care of one another
Coming to table tonight
Come when you’re ready with whoever


It's All About You
He Knows My Name

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