West Side Story Injuries (Detail)

Thursday night (3 performances left) during the opening number, I started a move, went up on my left toe and came down to a crouched position….when I did, something popped in my left knee….the choreography had me jumping back up a half second later (longest half second of my life), but the damage was done. I made it through the rest of the show alright and saw the chiropractor in the morning. Luckily I had just hyper-extended it, so the muscles were a little stiff, but prone to damage, so I did the next show with a knee brace. Then during that show, I bruised my right thumb during “Cool” (I have to support myself/push myself up with my hands during the show and I did it wrong). I saw the chiropractor again the morning after, but there was very little to do except ice it and use it as little as possible. So now here I am, missing a show that went really well until closing weekend. Oh well…it was still a great experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. And now I’ve got my own West Side horror story!

Other Things
I came up with a really great analogy today. It’s political and probably controversial, but I’m going to share it anyways. My dad told me about a CNN reporter who said something really…you have to read this for yourself.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour says that President Bush is the main cause of Islamic extremism worldwide.

Of course, this is from Rush Limbaugh, so I will be the first (as the poster) to question the bias. If however, she really did say this and this is what she believes, I have a comparable analogy of some merit. If President Bush is the main cause of Islamic extremism worldwide, then William Shatner is the main cause of Star Trek extremism worldwide. Trying to pin a worldwide movement on just one person has very little merit as it is, but this is ridiculous. President Bush and William Shatner were just doing their jobs (I will not accept arguments about Bush…I’m broad-stroking the reality of his job-performance)…they’re not responsible for the extremism movement.

And that’s about all the other news I have…I’ll be posting reviews of my weekend, after it happens, but it promises to be a rollicking good time. Friday night I’m seeing The Bill Handel Extravaganza at The Grove in Anaheim, Saturday night I’m seeing John Williams with some orchestra and the Irvine Ampitheatre and Sunday night I’m going to see my friend Luke Adams as the Beast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in San Diego’s Balboa Park! Enjoy your week/weekend and see you around!

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