Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling (no spoilers)

At LAST! J.K. Rowling’s terrible grip on my soul is free!

“What about the movies?”


Just read Harry Potter 7 and I keep seeing future moments from the movie popping into my head….”I’m so excited” (Atlantis: The Lost Empire).

The book is really elegantly done, and if you haven’t kept up with the books, just the movies, I would applaud your lack of curiosity and/or your strength of character (not spoiling the future movies by seeing the books).

And you know, that’s all I’m really going to say about it, because Harry’s quest is our own quest, and to “spoil” it for anyone with any little hint just isn’t fair.

Although I was right about Snape…ha! “Insane theories one, regular theories a billion!” (Futurama).

I will however dwell on something I read on Wikipedia regarding this whole Harry Potter thing. On July 18th, the New York Times posted an online review of the book. This provoked Potter fans as it was deemed to full of spoilers. Then the UK publisher of Potter, Bloomsbury, says they’re disappointed with what happened in the US. A Bloomsbury spokeswoman went so far as to liken the event to the Boston Tea Party! Even Rowling expressed astonishment and disappointment with the New York Times. Then the New York Times comes back with a bunch of bull; how they feel that “once a book is offered up for sale at any public retail outlet, and we purchase a copy legally and openly, we are free to review it. As for charges that we gave away the ending, that is simply not true. We took great care not to do so, nor to give away significant details about who lives and who dies” (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/19/books/19potter.html). Notice how they carefully word they way around, saying they didn’t give away the ending or the deaths. Spoilers are spoilers, folks. Whether they’re about the ending or deaths is inconsequential. So you know what I get to say again? Damn the New York Times! Stuffed-shirt liberals! 😉 Yay. That felt good.

So yeah. Check it out.

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