Jim Hill Gets Hostile (kind of), Minimalizing MS Windows As Art and Dilbert Calls For Sanity!

Jim Hill : Be sure and set your Tivo: Pixar 20th anniversary special air on ABC tomorrow night!
Don’t forget! This looks very cool.

Jim Hill : Why For: The Seas-and-desist edition
Jim Hill gets as angry as I’ve ever seen him get and vehemently defends Disney’s right to educate and entertain with the same characters in different attractions.

Download of the Day: AutoCopy Firefox extension – Lifehacker
When have you ever highlighted text in a web browser without reaching for CTRL+C? Save some time…

Google search widget released – Lifehacker
Add an internal search powered by Google to your website. For the few remaining sites who don’t use a database and implement their own search routines…

Download of the Day: Copy Link Text Firefox extension – Lifehacker
Now instead of just copying a link location, you can grab the entire HTML tag…brilliant!

Living with Windows – Lifehacker
A Linux lover gives tips on how to live with Windows.

The Dilbert Blog: Common Knowledge
Scott Adams thinks a general intelligence test before elections isn’t practical…alas.

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