One-On-One With Cyclops, Adventures With The Claw and Upcoming Films

How to win a prize at the claw machine – Lifehacker
Tips and tricks. – Boy stuck in supermarket game – Jan. 8, 2004
He crawled into the claw machine…how messed up is that? He really wanted that one toy…

AICN-DOWNUNDER: Geoffrey Wright’s MACBETH, A POSEIDON Sinking, A STAR WARS Letdown, And More!!
Star Wars Laser Disc Rips…BOOO!!!! Bad Lucas, bad!

Jack Black scores Kate Winslet… Jude Law scores Cameron Diaz… in THE HOLIDAY!
This movie looks like a lot of fun…Nancy Myers has that rare gift in making a straight romantic comedy a little fun. True, Something’s Gotta Give was very quirky and a little strange, but What Women Want was phenomenal and I’m basically willing to give her another chance.

Merrick Says “Yippee Kai Yay!” To The DIE HARD 4.0 Script!!
Fox dredges the UNDERWORLD for their director on DIE HARD 4.0!
Come on now…Indy 4, Die Hard 4….must we make these quartets instead of trilogies?

Gwen Stacy & Spider-Man dangling from a Manhattan Line! Bugle Pics… kinda…
Cool photos from the set.

Samples From John Ottman’s SUPERMAN RETURNS Score Now On-line!!
Worth a listen…something to look forward to.

Box Office Mojo > Features > Close-Up: X-Men’s James Marsden
An absolutely fascinating one-on-one with Cyclops.

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