Relativity Explains Reality, (Not) Free iPods and Cars’ Expectations (The Film, Stupid)

The Dilbert Blog: Relativity
Scott Adams proposes a theory by which human stupidity can finally be understood using…Einstein?

Penny Arcade! – Almost Startlingly Retro
Ping pong is fun…but not in economy class.

We created our own POTC – MiceChat
A nice harbor cruise can’t truly measure up, but it’s nice to pretend.

I finally understand Tomorrowland – MiceChat
An intriguing analysis regarding the cartoonization of Disneyland.

One-minute audio vacations – Lifehacker
A nifty little site that lets you get away from it all without moving…wait, is that a good thing?

How To Build A Touchless Lightswitch – Gizmodo
This makes a lot more sense than lights that turn off unless the sensor is active…very cool.

Apple’s Reason to Go Back to School: Free iPods – Gizmodo
Wait, explain this to me. If you buy a computer AND an iPod, you can get another iPod free? Why is that way too little for way too much from over here in PC-Land? (As I sit here listening to my iPod).

Jim Hill : Can “Cars” crash through the $75 – $80 million barrier?
Jim analyzes Cars’ expectations and what will happen in this economics based corporate culture. But then his commentators start ragging on him for looking at it from a realistic busines perspective rather than an ideal business perspective. Wait, what?

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