Schoolyard Politics, Ratatoille in Quicktime HD and Star Wars Rocks Out

Arad Implies The New HULK Movie Is Not A Sequel But…A Redux!?!?
Arad nails it on the head when he says it wasn’t the comic. Ang Lee made it a broader movie? More like a Greek tragedy than a comic book movie? What the hell was he thinking?!?!

Star Wars Makes an Appearance at the MTV Movie Awards
Very cool…

Holy Fromage!!! RATATOUILLE is in Glorious Quicktime HD!!!
This is the most beautiful trailer from Pixar since…since the next one.

The Weinstein Company’s Remake of THE SEVEN SAMURAI has a star and a screenwriter!
I agree…must we keep remaking everything? The only remake’s I agree with anymore are ones where you can benefit from new technology (mostly CGI) to make the author’s vision even more breathtaking.

Download of the Day: Ghostzilla – Lifehacker
Intriguing new browser that you can embed into other programs…not quite sure I’d use it, but it has potential.

AP Discount Tickets to “Joseph” – – MiceChat
It’s a damn shame I’ve already got season tickets, because that’s awesome!

One-two-three… Rock beats scissors, your honor! – MiceChat
Didn’t anybody see Welcome to Mooseport? Politics is just like back on the school yard…it’s the only real way to settle anything.

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