Sweeney Todd Uses Hairspray, Morgan Creek Takes Stupid Pills

Christopher Walken wants more cowbell with his HAIRSPRAY!!!

Cool….although John Travolta in drag is NOT something I’m excited to see…but hey, anybody (and I mean anybody) is better than Harvey Fierstien. Don’t get me wrong he’s got a place in my hall of fame for his comedy…but I hate his rendition of Edna Turnblad…almost made me crash my car when it popped up for the first time.

SWEENEY TODD sharpens his scissors as Burton directs Depp to cut… hair again!

I can only pray it’s a musical rendition (I have no idea the singing talents of the cast) and not a dramaticized version of the show sans singing. Also praying it’s not another Planet of the Apes.

Oh God… are they SON OF THE MASKing ACE VENTURA???

Let’s hope not…

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