Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

The movie is fantastic, and the musical is a great adaptation with great music by David Yazbek. I loved Yazbek after listening to The Full Monty (musical not movie), but I didn’t know that he also wrote the Carmen San Diego theme!

I had two issues with the adaptation: the subtle changes to Lawrence Jamison and Janet…I mean Christina…Colgate. Lawrence came off as more of a sexual playboy (could have just been Tom Hewitt) while Michael Caine was a stylish thief who didn’t care that much about sex…in fact the whole musical seemed more amped up sexually…Norbert Leo Butz humping everything in sight…hilarious, but…I guess this makes me a prude, but I’m old fashioned that way. My issue with Colgate was her klutziness…I just think it tips her character’s hand quicker than the movie so I blanche a little. Other than that this is a great adaptation.

Freddy: Wear this, act like that, don’t snore at the opera.

Lawrence: It was Wagner!

Freddy: It was six hours! I don’t even like to have sex or eat bacon for six hours!

It’s Tom Hewitt! He was Officer Lockstock in the national tour of Urinetown a couple of years ago!

Omigod it’s Norbert Leo Butz! The original Freddy Benson and the original Fiyero in Wicked!

OMIGOD David Yazbek wrote the Carmen San Diego theme song!

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