Bond Goes Gay, Bogus Signs and Belgium Is Racist

Newsvine – Bond Star Craig Has Cinematic Gay Kiss
…in another film. Thank God, for a minute I thought they were REALLY redefining James Bond. It’s bad enough he’s blonde.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Belgian town bans school French
The official language of that province is Dutch, so on government property (schools, government buildings) you’re only allowed to speak Dutch. This makes perfect sense. This is what we need to do in America! I mean the official language here just became English, so let’s stop pandering to the illegal immigrants who raise Mexian flags over OUR POST OFFICES!

Newsvine – Someone Posts Bogus ‘No Parking’ Sign
I’ve had dreams of posting bogus traffic signs, but only to make life easier…I mean the traffic system is already FUBAR’d, so lets try guerilla fixing…I don’t know.

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