Visiting Mineral King, Eric Idle Spills His Life and NBC Shows Up American Idol > The One That I Want
More Equity Auditions for ‘Grease’ Reality Show “You’re the One That We Want” Set – Yahoo! News
That’s right…reality tv will pick Broadway’s next stars…the future is now…and this is just wrong 😉

Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts features | And now for something completely difficult …
Eric Idle talks about his life with the Pythons and the success of the soon-opening-in-London Spamalot.

Re-Imagineering: Comforting Words
John Lasseter has a way of saying it just like Walt Disney that makes every Disney fan praise the stars that Eisner has moved on.

Disneyland Park Update (Disneyland Park Update) by MousePlanet Staff on September 19, 2006
Disneyland strips out the 50th decals and gets ready for Halloween.

Floyd Norman : Toon Tuesday: Rocky gets KO’ed while Shere Khan finally finds his voice
A great 4-part series about working on The Jungle Book from Disney storyman Floyd Norman

Jim Hill : Your first look at “Shrek the Third,” DreamWorks Animation’s Summer 2007 release
The reviewer paints a dire picture, but hey! They’ve got time to spruce it up! I’m reserving judgement because for some reason Shrek seems funny opposed with the other Dreamworks CGI tripe that floods the marketplace.

Jim Hill : JHM Photo Safari: A twisty, turny trip up to the proposed location of Mineral King
A beautiful photo trip up to the last resort site proposed by Walt Disney.

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