Explaining Marmaduke, VR/RC Interface Pioneer, Uwe Boll Boxes

Moriarty’s DVD Shelf! New Release Tuesday for September 26th!! — AICN
The Notorious Bettie Paige! I was interested in seeing that – go Gretchen Mol!

At least he gave us a chance to stand up for ourselves…

First production stills come out for HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, including a look at Umbridge!!! — AICN
OOO! Pretty….

Marmaduke comics explained – Boing Boing
This is hysterical. Because Marmaduke’s antics REALLY need to be elaborated on 😀

Guy uses VR goggles to pilot RC plane – Boing Boing
Freaking sweet!

Homeland Security relaxes liquid on planes rules – Boing Boing
Well that’s good….sheesh…

Scary Russian warning sign – Boing Boing
Because everyone needs one of these…

Art Spiegelman’s memoir in cartoon form – Boing Boing
Yay! Spiegelman rules!

Secure your checked bags — fly with a gun – Boing Boing
Wow. Just wow. It makes so much sense.

Around the World Roundup: ‘Perfume’ Wafts Past ‘Pirates’
Oh well….

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