Strippers Are Physics Majors, Get Paid For Your VLogs and Danny Elfman/Marilyn Manson MadLibs

ScoreKeeper Re: Marilyn Manson Interviewing Danny Elfman & Manson’s Cover Of NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Tunes!! — AICN
I refuse to pay for the entire soundtrack all over again, so I will be downloading this deliciousness.

Physics of pole-dancing – Boing Boing

Sixapart launches Vox, new social media-stuff sharing service – Boing Boing
Very cool….share the web…connect it up…plug it all together and mash it up!

Scott Holleran: Gibson Rambles, ‘Nightmare’ Recurs, ‘Queen’ Reigns
Poor Mel Gibson…but as long as he keeps making good movies, I’ll ignore his insanity.

‘Prestige’ Rises to the Top, ‘Flags’ Lags
Yay Prestige! Such a fascinating looking movie.

Scary Stories
Yay Google for collecting all these. But where’s Goosebumps? :p

Call for Help: Sync bookmarks between IE and Firefox?
A common problem…if only Google had a solution…

Digital Video: Get paid for your video
I may have to try this out….get me some positive cashflow for a change…lol

Mozilla rebuts Firefox 2 bug reports | CNET
Of course they would….they wouldn’t be a good company if they didn’t….

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