Japanese Crime Fighting, Shrek 26, and Notlob…I Mean Bolton

Jim Hill : DreamWorks plans on kicking its “Shrek” franchise into ogre-drive with next year’s “Shrek the Halls” holiday special
When are entertainment companies going to learn that being a one-trick pony isn’t good enough? Probably when Shrek 3 doesn’t succeed at the box office as much as Shrek 2 did. I mean come on…Broadway?!?! Forget it. I will listen to the soundtrack (Jeanine Tessori wrote Thoroughly Modern Millie!), but I most likely won’t see it.

The First Six Minutes Of TENACIOUS D: THE PICK OF DESTINY Is Online?!
Cool…viral marketing….

AICN’s debut of Pixar and Brad Bird’s RATATOUILLE One-Sheet!!!
I cannot wait for this movie…the trailer is hilarious and the plot looks delicious.

SPIDER-MAN 3 designs? Venom? Sandman? Green Goblin 2.0? – Yup, but now they’re gone!
Tis’ a shame…but if AICN likes it, it’s good enough for me…

New Spider-Man 3 Trailer to Debut on MTV!
Cool…but do I have to watch the real world? Or can I just tune in the last 5 minutes like I did for Star Wars 3? The OC sucks! 😉

Boing Boing: Giant list of palindromes
Something’s wonderfully wrong here…

Boing Boing: Orange balls to throw at bad people in Japan
Whimper….this is why I will never go to Japan…that and the fact I have no interest in learning Japanese…wait…i have to go to Tokyo Disney Seas….darn it!

Boing Boing: Melee on Russian TV talk show
A Jerry Springer-esque battle royal in Russian…give beeg cheer for subtitles, comrade!

Boing Boing: Internet acronyms illustrated by Goopymart
Now you can understand why being an “artard” is a bad thing very graphically….

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