Something To Feel Guilty About and (Re)Learning Spanish

Anybody feel bad about stepping on a bug? I’m obviously not talking to anybody who took a magnifying glass to an ant, but I recently was walking back into my house and it’s dark and all of a sudden CRUNCH! I look back and there’s a dead snail in my foot print. I always feel kind of bad when I squash snails because it’s not like they can get out of the way. And I keep seeing its remains when I leave/enter my house and keep thinking about it. What did he experience in his last moments (if he had any)? Did the shards of his shell just penetrate into his body and skewer the life out of him?

Permancer sentado por favor.
So THAT’S how it’s spelled out. I’ve always been saying “Per sentado por favor” and was just too lazy to look it up. Yay!

If you can’t pronounce that and figure out what it is, first off shame on you. It’s the Matterhorn’s Spanish at Disneyland. Remain seated please. Permancer sentado por favor.
So yeah, I just found it at the end of Al Lutz’s latest article on Yay!

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