So yesterday was my friend Eli’s birthday (he works at Atomic) and we all went out after team rehearsals to celebrate…at IHOP. Woo hoo! Go Irvine night life! Anyways, we were there chatting and having a good time, when Trisha starts a game (as it were). She asks Eli to recall his favorite birthday party. Then we each got to talk about our favorites. Mine was a little mashed up from a couple of the parties I had, but it was one where I had a party at my house and upstairs was this huge table covered in Legos and then there was a large pizza and ice cream cake outside and we buried and dug up faux artifacts. That would probably be the best one on record, although my 19th was pretty sweet: Dad drove me up to Los Angeles to see a live taping of the Dennis Miller Show, which was awesome and then there was ice cream cake at home. That was also the year I got my Disneyland stone (you know in the Esplanade between the parks?). And pretty much all my birthdays were better than last years. Last year I woke up in Toronto on July 1st, got on a plane to Chicago, spent 5 hours in the Chicago terminal and then flew to Amsterdam. That’s right: my 21st birthday lasted all of 12 hours. At least I had a beer in the Chicago terminal. And don’t read this as resentment…it’s just a great friggin’ story! I love it! I love my life! Woo hoo!

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