What a gorgeous film. If Renaissance painters were making movies instead of painting pictures, this is how they would look.

The blood spurts were so animated and very fun to watch…and there was a lot of them.

This “sword and sandal” epic redeems Warner Brothers for Troy, but it doesn’t redeem Wolfgang Peterson…he’s gonna have to work the rest of his life to redeem himself for that crap. Find my review of Troy to better understand.

Frank Miller is a god. I just love his work: as an artist, as a film producer.

Hey! It’s Faramir as the one-eyed guy! Cool! It’s just nice to notice David Wenham and others who got a jumpstart in their careers from Lord of the Rings.

The good congressman (there’s only two that really matter and I’m talking about the one played by Stephen McHattie) looks incredibly like Abraham Lincoln. And it’s not just the facial hair….he just flat-out looks like Lincoln…it’s incredible. I hope he plays Lincoln in Manhunt even though that’s about the hunt for John Wilkes Booth (it should start with the assassination, shouldn’t it?).

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