Pirates 4 Concept – Contains Pirates 3 Spoilers

Elizabeth did not stay on that island for 10 years. She just came back 10 years later to meet Will. A cut scene has Tia Dalma saying that if Calypso had met Davy Jones again after 10 years, his curse would have been lifted and he could become mortal again (no solution for who captains the Flying Dutchman). That’s why there’s a green flash – it signals that a soul has returned from the land of the dead…to stay.
Thusly, with suggested story ideas for the fourth film involving Barbossa and Jack meeting up in the newly formed town of New Orleans to go after the fountain of youth somewhere in Florida, I would love the story to have a pirate Elizabeth Turner begging out of being hanged because she is with child and someone saying, “Off to Will Turner’s Locker!”
That is all. Belay! Belay! BELAY! Stow it!
Utterly deceptive twaddlespeak, says I.
Let us not forget our dear friend the cuttlefish.

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