Cheap PC’s, AI Artists, Myspace Wants To Play Ball With The Government…

‘Virtual van Gogh’ AI Program Paints Fine Art – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
Interesting…eat your heart out Lev Manovich!

Intel, Asus Announce $199 ‘Eee PC’ – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
Hooray! But what about monthly broadband access to really enable people?

MySpace Seeks Court Help Regarding Predator E-mails – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
Myspace wants to help the government, but the wacky 9th Circuit Court of Appeals says they can’t.

Penny Arcade! – Now, We May Speak
The PC Gamer article is awesome AND you get to see what Mike and Jerry (Gabe and Tycho, respectively) look like. Pick it up now!

Penny Arcade! – Now, We May Speak (Comic)

VG Cats – My Pokemans. Let Me Show You Them
This comic makes me question my desire to jump into getting a DS Lite system (i.e. asking for it for my birthday) and Pokemon. I jumped into Pokemon Gold and Silver (got all the unknowns and almost all the rare dogs/birds) and that was fun (got me in trouble in Geometry class – 10th grade). I think I want a DS Lite just to take it to Disneyland and download exclusive content somewhere in New Orleans for the Pirates 3 game….what do YOU think?

Clintons Final Days
Clinton’s video for the Press Correspondents dinner…freaking hilarious

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