Britney’s Mom Speaks Up, Thrill the World and College Sux

Britney’s mom to write parenting book – Yahoo! News
Because she did SUCH a great job. *hangs head in shame* This is almost as bad as OJ Simpson’s book on how he killed his wife. What is society coming to?

Thrill The World
So 2 weeks ago I got wrangled into being dance captain for Thrill The World‘s OC event. It’s been really fun and I’ve finally gotten my name in a publication! Woo hoo!

Article – News – “Thriller” night

Video –

If you want to get in on the action, come to Atomic Ballroom tonight or tomorrow morning at 11am to learn the dance. If you want to dress up or zombify yourself, check this out – YouTube – Zombies! How-to special FX on the cheap. To see a demonstration of someone going full out, check this out – YouTube – Thrill The World – IT’S HERE!!!!. If you want to learn the dance, just browse that INESSENS YouTube channel and watch the dance videos. It’s really easy to learn and a lot of fun!

UCI Editorials
This is just a placeholder for more content to come on how INSANE college students are.

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