The Rocky Horror Show at the Maverick

The best part of Rocky Horror Show (on stage) is audience participation.  While they were selling “Prop Bags” which added some audience element, it’s the callbacks that really do it.  According to one of the box office girls, there are enough in existence callbacks that you can just talk throughout the entire show (which is just annoying).  Luckily last night’s callbacks were just the tasteful fun ones. 

Anytime Brad mentions the castle and its “phone”, say “Castles don’t have phones, asshole”

Anytime Brad says, “Brad Majors”, say “Asshole”
    If Brad takes off his glasses, say “Super asshole”

Anytime Janet says, “Janet Weiss”, say “Slut”

When Frank-n-furter pauses on the word anticipation during “Sweet Transvestite”, shout “Say it!” 

Ask Frank-n-furter: 
    “What’s your favorite color?” (Act 1)
        Last night’s response:  Magenta
    “Where do you get your drugs?” (Act 1)
        Last night’s response:  Columbia
    “What do you put on your cornflakes?” (Act 2)
        Last night’s response:  Cum

Frank-n-furter:  It’s not easy having fun! 
Callback:  Try Disneyland! 
    Last night’s response:  I work there! 

The Narrator is very funny, especially since at the Maverick, he’s the bartender.  So he stood behind the bar the entire time, mixing drinks.  Beautiful. 

Also, last night’s audience included a family of five.  That’s right!  Mom and Dad took their three 9-year-olds to see Rocky Horror.  WTF is wrong with this country? 

In conclusion, if you’re a Rocky virgin and are at all amused by graphic…well everything, definitely try and check out Rocky Horror Show at the Maverick Theatre in Fullerton. 

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