Jedi Vs. Sith Application on Facebook RULES!

You can play a trivia game to boost your Jedi/Sith knowledge stats. Some of the questions are really poorly written, but sometimes they just get downright haughty. And this one REALLY pisses me off.

A parsec is actually a measure of what?
Answers: distance. – relativistic adjustment. – time. – weight.

It has that nasty air of superiority that tries to highlight Lucas’ supposed gaff over the line “made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs”….there’s a cannon answer to why Han makes that claim.

“The [Millennium] Falcon is often connected to the Kessel Run, a pathway from Kessel past the Maw Black Hole Cluster used by smugglers to transport precious Glitterstim spice.[3] Solo in A New Hope brags that the Falcon made the Kessel Run in “less than twelve parsecs“, referring to his ability to move the ship closer to the Maw’s black holes and therefore cut the distance traveled.[3] On the A New Hope DVD audio commentary, Lucas comments that, in the Star Wars universe, traveling through hyperspace requires careful navigation to avoid stars, planets, asteroids, and other obstacles.[4]
Since no long-distance journey can be made in a straight line, the “fastest” ship is the one that can plot the “most direct course”, thereby traveling the least distance.[4] Solo’s twelve-parsec Kessel Run is depicted in Rebel Dawn by A. C. Crispin.[5]
In a Dark Horse Comics issue, “The Kessel Run,” the Kessel Run that Solo mentions is a scam that Lando uses to win money back from Solo after losing the Falcon to him. Lando and his friends trick Solo into thinking if he did the Kessel Run quickly, he would gain notoriety among smugglers. Ultimately, it is a scam and a kind of initiation for new smugglers.” (Wikipedia).

If we can’t accept this scriptural gaff from a fictional universe based on this, then we can’t move on as a society. Let’s get to it people!

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