Stay In The Womb, *** Bless America,

I was browsing new e-mails and came across this line at the bottom of the monthly Myspace Newsletter.

“The Onion, America’s Finest News Source, now allows you to view groundbreaking video clips and listen to hard-hitting radio reports on MySpace, and for the old-fashioned paragraph aficionados, The Onion even offers news articles. Get the world’s best reporting without leaving the womb-like confines of MySpace!”

Am I supposed to be happy that Myspace is womb-like? *sideways glance*

It Takes an Eagle Scout … to Protect Faith in the People’s House – HUMAN EVENTS
This is a fascinating story about the government trying to take God out of our history. Last time I checked, history censorship was a really bad idea. But I also want to say something about the deeper impact of this story: why it’s happening, what I think it means, etc.
I don’t want my money to say “In No One We Trust”. How does a government promise freedom of religion if the government is one particular religion? But I don’t think that a reminder of our country’s history inspires any but the most insipid to convert to that religion. Thusly, this is just another front in liberalism war on diversity and equality. Oh sorry, did I say “war on”? I meant “war for”. It’s just so damned hard to nail a liberal to one view. }:-p

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