Take the opening of X-Men 2 (where Nightcrawler attacks the White House) and expand it to a 2 hour movie and you have some notion of the glee I experienced watching this movie. And it was a decent story too! Really enjoyable background…and they don’t even explain the science of the jumpers! They also did a really good job casting…Hayden Christianson is the star of the show, but the movie starts 8 years before him and the kid they used (he was Seth in The Pacifier) looked A LOT like Hayden….the girl (Because of Winn-Dixie / AnnaSophia Robb when she’s young, Rachel Bilson older) didn’t look as close so I was a little disappointed, but whatever.

57 stunt players. Filmed mostly on location (which is pretty awe inspiring considering they teleported from Egypt to Bali to Rome without thinking twice about it) except for Mexico standing in for Egypt (guessing) and Canada standing in for something (I don’t think New York, but I could be wrong), the cinematography had some memorable shots, but it’s the special effects that really stand out.

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the chief baddies (called Paladins) and does an excellent job as a religious fanatic.

Anakin Skywalker versus Mace Windu…round 2…FIGHT!

Jamie Bell co-stars as another Jumper and I THOUGHT he looked familiar…he was in King Kong and he WAS Billy Elliot. Cool….

Guest-starring Diane Lane and Michael Rooker as Hayden’s mom and dad.

Very good movie, lots of fun action, adventure and just a teensy bit of over-wrought teenage (technically college but who’s counting) angst.

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