Bring Out Your (HD-DVD) Dead! and Other Technology

A song collection, inspired by Lincoln – Yahoo! News
Very cool….

‘Jumper’ Teleports to the Top
And I still haven’t seen it!

It’s Official: HD DVD Is Dead – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
Why Sony Won the Format War – Columns by PC Magazine
R.I.P. HD DVD – Columns by PC Magazine
Interesting discussions on the death of HD-DVD.

Netvibes (Ginger beta) – Reviews by PC Magazine
A nifty webpage that seems like the google start page but better…..

Microsoft & Yahoo!: A Clash of Civilizations – Columns by PC Magazine
An interesting analysis of mergers…

Fidel Castro resigns Cuban presidency –
Damn! Now I’ll have to study up to be smarter than a 5th grader….

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