The Caine Mutiny Court Martial – Newport Theatre Arts Center

This is a dramatization of a novel that was also a movie. Originally titled “The Caine Mutiny”, the novel details the actual incident as well as the ensuing court martial. After the movie was made starring Humphrey Bogart as Captain Queeg, Broadway came calling. The author decided to dramatize just the court martial, revealing the incident solely through exposition. Thus The Caine Mutiny Court Martial was born.

A fascinating courtroom drama, the stars of this production are Lt. Cmdr. Queeg (Michael Turner), Lt. Barney Greenwald (Geoffrey Varga) and Signalman Third Class Junius Urban (the comedic relief, portrayed by Shane Cullum). Everybody else kind of passes in the night and does alright, but these three actors really make the performance worth enduring.

I’m really pissed at my audience. About halfway through the 2nd act, Queeg delivers one hell of a monologue that builds and builds and builds and when it finally reaches its peak, you see him not as a rational military thinker, but as a paranoid personality. And my audience chose to clap for him, COMPLETELY destroying the moment. Damn seniors! If I ever reach my golden years, go to a show and do that, you have my permission to shoot me in the head. Just remind me first, cuz otherwise that’s just cruel. And wait until the show is over, so that the performance is no more disturbed than it already is.

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