Mark Twain Tonight! – Carpenter Performing Arts Center

I fell asleep during the first act because I was very tired which is a shame because the show is really cool. The show consists of Hal Holbrook, who has been performing Mark Twain for over 50 years now, coming out on the stage (which is dressed up as a period turn of the 20th century lecture hall stage – chair, podium, table with books, water and combination ashtray/matchbox) and lecturing us for about 3 hours (one 15 minute intermission). It was a little frustrating because his speech was mumbled about a quarter of the time and a little difficult to understand some of the names he pronounced, but other than that, it was a hilarious show and I feel privileged to have seen Hal Holbrook perform Mark Twain at least once in my life. He also said some very poignant things that made me want to go read the collected works of Mark Twain.

The second act featured an excerpt from Huckleberry Finn which was very cool…fun to watch the “author” act out a reading of his work.

The French are thoroughly made fun of.

“I wonder if the French are the missing link between man and the monkey…”

“[in describing how all evidence in the trial of Satan is from the prosecution, never the defense]…it’s not English…it’s not American. It’s French.”

Something about how God created the monkey because he messed up with man? Whatever…it was still funny…

If someone doesn’t agree with your opinion, that person is insane. It’s very hard to respect other people’s opinions without getting frustrated at them. They are insane after all.

I drink 2 glasses of Scotch a night to prevent toothaches. I’ve never had toothaches before and I don’t plan on having them ever again.

It’s very hard to cure someone if they don’t have any habits.

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