The Little Mermaid FINALLY Released (what?), Phillip Pullman Explains Himself and What Happens When An Engineer Gets Snowed In

Jim Hill : Tune Thursday: There’s big fun to be had at “The Little Mermaid”
Yes I’m re-hashing this article, but the soundtrack was “officially” released today (although Amazon downloads had it available since February 5th?) and I’m really enjoying it. And reading through the article again, it’s Johnathan “Jafar/Bert Barry” Freeman portraying Grimsby which is freaking awesome. You can check out the entire cast list here at IBDB (Internet Broadway Database). Oh and I’m also officially endorsing Amazon MP3’s because it’s far slicker than the iTunes store AND IT’S COMPATIBLE! AS THE SONGS DOWNLOADED, THEY WERE ADDED TO ITUNES AUTOMATICALLY!

FilmChat: Philip Pullman — the extended e-mail interview
Barnes & – Interview: Philip Pullman on the Storyteller’s Art
I only got through the first article, but I am very interested by what Pullman has to say about His Dark Materials.

What Happens When An Engineer Gets Snowed In
He builds a Rube Goldberg device!

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