Twelve Angry Men – OCPAC

Featuring Richard Thomas (who?) as Juror Eight. Fascinating 90 minute courtroom drama with no intermission that takes apart individual beliefs while exposing public schools of thought for their shoddiness and hypocrisy. And it’s only a first degree murder charge.

After the performance, a panel featuring 3 professors of law and 3 of the actors was conducted by somebody from the educational department at the OCPA (Yeah, they changed their name by schmooshing Arts and Center into one big, hard-to-say word, Artscenter!). Unfortunately at least 3 questions were wasted by older folk who chose to voice their opinion that yes, it is incorrect form to stab downward with a switchblade knife and that they know because they were trained in the usage of switchblade knifes by their parents or by the military. Oy!

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