Vantage Point

A very enjoyable political thriller. What I was most impressed with was the concept and their execution of it (forgive the pun). Revolving around a terrorist attack on the US President in Spain, the story is patched together from (roughly) 6 different perspectives, shown one at a time with rewind montages at the end of each until we tie everything together at the end. They did a really good job taking care of continuity – although with anything of this magnitude, little bits and pieces will always slip by, but it’s very negligible in the long run. The main set piece they filmed in was an old square in Spain where the President is arriving to make a speech and is subsequently assassinated. What really incredible about this portion of the film is that it’s almost hard to imagine the number of cameras they had set up to tell the story from so many different perspectives (I especially like how they directly use the footage from the handheld camera that Forrest Whitaker has)…the complexity of the shoot must have rivaled only the 5 minute continuous shot from Atonement.

Decent performances from all the actors. Wonderfully enjoyable plot line that is somewhat political (dealing with the nature of terrorism and so forth) and really exciting twists!

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