Iron Man, When An Engineer Lies and D&D Legend Dies

Another Full Iron Man Trailer Launches – Holy Sh*t! «
Featuring Back In Black by AC/DC and Cochise by Audioslave and (of course) Iron Man by Ozzy Ozbourne, this trailer is very exciting…I think it ratchets up to number 3 on the excited summer movie list (1 = Indiana Jones 4, 2 = Dark Knight).

A highly amusing original music video by some of my girlfriend’s church buddies…

HBO Films: John Adams
Definitely worth checking out! I’m so excited!

Betrayal Of Trust: When An Engineer Lies – Wolfe’s Den Blog – InformationWeek
How often does a white lie or a cut corner result in death? Should one accept full responsibility for that death?

Jobs: Flash Not Good Enough For The iPhone – Mobile Blog – InformationWeek
Damn you Steve!

PvPonline » Archive » PvP #43
A brilliant image from Scott Krutz

PvPonline » Archive » A moment of silence?
Penny Arcade! – Bordering On The Semi-Tasteful
Scott reflects on his lack of true, heartfelt sympathy for the passing of Gary Gygax, while Tycho and Gabe honor his passing with words and pictures and sentimental memories of childhood rolls.

DDR Couples
While Tycho pondered a game called Pattapon, he compared other rhythm based games like Guitar Hero and DDR, saying that DDR only required you to hit certain notes on certain beats, but never specifies in what manner the notes must be hit, leading to an explosive number of possibilities (referencing this video). Very enjoyable!

PvPonline » Archive » PvP Presents: Real email transcripts
OH…M…G!!!! Hilarious!

Comics –
Nobody actually uses that phrase anymore, do they?

xkcd – Making Rules
[stitch voice] Blue punch buggy! No punch back! [/stitch voice]

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