Talking Plants, Fire Showers and Zombies

Botanicalls Twitter DIY
Your plant can have a Twitter feed…..Feed me, Seymour!

5 Works of Art That Can Probably Kill You |
Because performance art is all about risk….

Clinton: McCain Has More Experience Than Obama – Politics on The Huffington Post
Apparently Clinton is going to get even more negative in order to beat out Obama…and she’s willing to do it…I really don’t want this woman near the button that launches nuclear missiles….really….

Red vs. Blue · PSA “Planning To Fail”
One of my FAVORITE Red Vs. Blue Public Service Announcements. How many zombie plans do YOU have? 😉

Great Movie Line
I shared this with my friend Scott on his blog, so I thought I share the wealth…this gets emailed around every once and a while as an actual file, but people should really just be emailing the youtube link instead….so much easier/cleaner/neater/whatever…

The Living Room Candidate
Presidential campaign videos from the 50’s to today. Hilarious stuff! Thanks to my Political Sciences teacher (Beckman) for sharing this with us.

Kristin Chenoweth Performing at the Oscar’s
The other day I was looking for Best Song Performances from the Oscar’s, but this was the only one I could find! Sadness!

How to Fight With a Woman : Men’s
5 Things You Should Never Say to Her : Men’s
Useful information to keep on hand guys…..

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