The Last Jihad by Joel Rosenberg

That’s right I’m still awake. Why? Because Joel Rosenberg write a book you can’t put down when you get to a certain point. Sure he abuses the classic foreshadowing techniques of great fiction (if a character swears to let nothing interfere with his family’s upcoming vacation, you know that character will die), but the way Rosenberg writes…..I mean I read The Ezekiel Option about a year ago and I can vividly remember having to just stop what I was doing, take the book and go lie on the couch and read for several hours.

Joel Rosenberg’s claim to fame (aside from being a phenomenal fiction writer) is that he’s somewhat of a prophet through his books. The Last Jihad is his first novel and was nearly completed before 9/11 happened. And in the book a hijacked plane attacks the President, who discovers it’s an Iraqi plot and charges into a war with Iraq. And that’s just the part that was written before 9/11 happened.

I can’t think of what else to write except that Rosenberg is an incredible writer with great style and a phenomenal storyteller. It’s Tom Clancy meets LaHaye and Jenkins (those nutty Left Behind folk) and it’s electrifying. Check it out!

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