Hamlet 2


Rock me, rock me, rock me sexy Jesus!!!

Why do I feel like I’ve been raped in the face?

The hilarious tale of a failed actor turned failed drama teacher who writes a sequel to “arguably the world\’s greatest piece of literature” because it had a downer ending.

It’s got all the typical persecution of a traditional sports movie (albiet much more grandiose and hilarious), but the real highlight is the titular musical at the end of the movie.

Through reviews I learned that the two white kids were the stars of the musical Spring Awakening (which I haven’t seen yet), which made a lot of sense and was awesome! Skylar Austin plays sexually confused teacher’s pet Rand and Phoene Strole plays racially frightened Epiphany.

Steve Coogan is hysterical…much better than Around The World In 80 Days. ;).

I’m also quite glad that the film is rated R. The trailer hadn’t given me any idea that the film was, but boy am I glad it was!

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