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I did a lot of critical thinking today and wanted to share it!

The Towers live on … in movies & television, that is

Jim asks us what we think about the Towers popping up in media.

  • I think it is garbage to digitally remove ANYTHING from a film, whether it be to replace guns with walkie-talkies or remove buildings that are no longer standing in order to be politically correct. A film, just like a picture or any other kind of archival media, is a slice of space and time that is a precious representation of history. To edit it is to attempt to rewrite history…and THAT is sacrilegious.
  • And in Disney’s case, to keep something from publication for political reasons is even MORE sacrilegious….I wish Disney would release the ABC docudrama “The Path To 9/11”. It was a brilliant miniseries that evenhandedly dealt blame on both sides of the political aisle, but Bill Clinton didn’t like it so it was censored. But that’s me on a soapbox. 😉
  • Sure I get a little lump in my throat when I see the twin towers. But we’re never going to forget, so why pretend to by editing media?

Eve Ensler on Sarah Palin

My friend Rebecca re-posted a liberal blog entry deriding Sarah Palin for wanting to drill for oil in America (and a host of other things).

  • There’s a lot tackled in this article, but I respond to the thrust of the article at the moment.
  • Why is it an either/or choice on global warming and humanity’s impact on it? All I hear from liberals is that we can’t drill our way out of this. Um…yes we can. And we can do it far less invasively than we have in the past. Sure it’s not perfect (I’ll be the first to line up and help clean up birds after an oil spill), but it extracts us from daily negotiations with people who’s god told them TO KILL US! But the real truth is, no matter how much money we invest in alternative fuel sources (ethanol is a REALLY stupid idea by the way), it’s not going to complete remove the need for petroleum in this country for at least 20 years. Hybrid cars still need gas…
  • So I just take issue with the writer’s insistence that drilling is ALL bad. I disagree. 🙂

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