Noises Off – CSU Fullerton

I begin this review with the caveat of what I expect from CSUF: incredible stagecraft and better than average college acting.

The reason I state that first is because only one of those expectations was met for the closing matinée performance…the stagecraft. The characters were well developed and their delivery was very much enjoyed, but their pace was ABYSSMAL! They were dragging out pauses because apparently a previous (pre-dominantly high school) audience laughed at adult situations that are only amusing to virgin pre-pubescent boys, so the actors fell into the habit of pausing unnecessarily. This is a trap that I personally have been warned of in past performances, and it is inexplicable that the director (or stage manager) neglected to warn the actors to keep the pace of the show moving.

Thus there were many amusing moments in the show, but the overall performance was marred by an additional half hour of dead air. C’mon Fullerton!

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