Wicked – Pantages

Took the Metro up to Hollywood and Vine because the Pantages teamed up with Metro to offer discount tickets on Tuesday night performances. We stand in a line thinking it’s the box office line. I go forward to investigate while Laura saves our place in line, and I find out that there’s no line for the box office. When I get back, Laura had learned that the line was for the Wicked Lottery, which picked half a dozen names and sold front row tickets that you can’t buy any other way. After the lottery they offer half off tickets. Laura suggests that we wait and I reluctantly agree. We get all the way through the line and fill out one lottery ticket for each of us. They make an announcement that you need cash on hand if you win, so we ask where the nearest ATM is (there’s one in the bar next door). A quick trip with cash in hand later and they’re starting the lotto drawing. One ticket drawn, two tickets drawn….Laura Greenlund? That’s right – we won the Wicked lottery. We were able to purchase two front row tickets that you can’t get any other way! Woohoo! Quick trip down the street to a local pizza joint and Pinkberry (with the new pomegranante topping/yogurt) and it’s time to go inside! The only downside of winning the lottery tickets was that they were to the extreme house left with a halfway decent view of the stage. Oh and a family had acccidentally sat down in our sets an they’re really back in row NN….sigh. But other than that it was incredible! Laura enjoyed the show, even though it got kind of contrived in the 2nd act when she pointed out that all the original characters from Wizard of Oz were directly affected by Elphaba. Good music though!

Oh! Madame Morrible was also the Ghost of Christmas Past in Bill Murray’s Scrooged. Yay celebrity actor’s 😉

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