The Rock Church Worship Service


How Great You Are
You Alone
God Above It All


Matthew 11
Incarnational possibilities
Showed her what Jesus is like
Godly perfume
John the baptist had a special role
Same Jewish expectations
World fixer
Isaiah 61:1
Prison liberation not on the program
Blessed is the one not offended
That person finds life
Who controls our life? People, things, etc.
When you get crushed, you have a choice of reaction
Deuteronomy 32:48-52
Who do you run to? Cling to?
King David
Killed too many people
Deceived = Seduced
Never born…
Luke 1:38
Servant of the Lord…let it be
Mark 3:20-23
Starts doing messianic things
He’s crazy
Belief in modern Christianity
If you are faithful, you will be happy
Mark 14:32-38
My soul is sorrowful
Is there any other way?
Not what I will, but what you will
Cup of wrath and anger
We can’t control people or circumstances
Have we been trying to control someone in your life?
None of it is lining up
Heroes of the bible surrendered their hearts
Not my will but yours
Miserable people find each other and perpetuate misery
Viktor Frankle
David Mamet
Haddasa – Jewish women’s group
Buriedon mount of olives
Elie Wiesel
Anyone trying to control something?
Follow Jesus to life – surrender


God Above It All (reprise)

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