Slumdog Millionaire

Absolutely delightful!

Adult Samir looks like Michael Jackson….creepy cool…

Who wants to be a mill-o-naire!

Jamal (a young man who grew up in the slums of Bombay) gets a chance to be on the Indian version of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”, but is arrested for cheating halfway through (runs out of game time). After being tortured by the police (they take their game shows very seriously over there), a friendlier interrogation reveals that Jamal didn’t cheat, he just “knew the answers.” Further probing forces flashbacks where every question is indirectly related to one of Jamal’s memories from surviving the slums of India with his brother Samir and childhood sweetheart Latika.

Fantastic music by A. R. Rahman (I’ve ranted about him before Bombay Dreams).

Really nice credit sequence featuring the entire cast dancing (a Bollywood tradition Laura says). Intersperced with the dancing was the requisite “above the title” credits (director, producer, lead actors, etc) in brightly shaped bubbles with pictures of the cast members. I liked that for the trio of heroes they showed all three of the actors pictures/names since we saw each of them at three distinct ages.

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