The Rock Church Worship Service


Come Now Is The Time
Our God Saves
God Of Wonders
You Never Let Go
Matt 4:23
Our God Saves/You Never Let Go


Formal men’s ministry
Feb 7 8-10am
Round table get together twice a month or more and intimately bond
Not a bible study per se

Go see Peter Pan

Grace – Dreaming Out Loud

This message has burned within her for a year and a half
Pastor Jon is in Michigan
Genesis 37-47
Our passions and their role in our spiritual life
Joseph was a dreamer
When she first saw Matt she thought he was cute, but he was a jerk and ignored her
She’s a PK and preached at her dad’s church
That’s where she fell in love with youth
Saw Matt in worship and really noticed him
He’s giving a friend a ride home from her house and she’s giving him directions
She hangs up and tells her friend that she’s going to marry him
Dreaming out loud is your heart shouting out
She wanted to be the checkout girl when she grew up
When you’re a little kid you just say your dreams
But as we grow up we stop doing that
Joseph tells his dream and it makes his family jealous
Something to live and die for
God gives you something bigger than you
1. Encouragement, accountability
If the church doesn’t rally around people, where do we go?
Tired of hearing about Brad and Ben helping African orphans…where’s the church?!?!?!?!
Gods called you to where you are for a reason
Joseph shares his dream and his brothers say we’re going to kill you
The church does that
Joseph runs out of the house naked screaming “Integrity!”
2. Timing is huge
Work by His timing, not our timing
Joseph is faithful enough to wait for the dream
Joseph rises to top prisoner assisstant and notices baker/butler stressing out and asks them what’s wrong
Baker dies, butler goes back and forgets him for two years
Joseph has to be wondering where God is
We can get so distracted by circumstances
God is building our character
Jon asked her if she was struggling with anything and she said no, but here’s what Matt is struggling with
Joseph is faithful, humble and hard working
We want a microwave God, not a crock pot God
What does He have right now in his hands for you?
How can He trust you with a million dollars if you can’t be faithful with two?
Dreams don’t come true, goals do
Joseph ministered to people
Interpreted dreams
22 years later it all comes true
He had so much wisdom
Disillusionment, discouragement, and disappointment
Those who do something do something
When was the last time you educated yourself?
If you have a passion, follow through
What are you doing right now?
Writing a book? Start a blog
Business connecting with the community? Run a food drive
Fear of man, fear of public opinion
We’ll do a beach cleanup with the bonfire
Everybody gets lost, no firepits, no cell signal
We have got to move past DDD
It starts now
Doors will slam in your face, people will call you crazy
Jeami Duncan is in Africa right now…alone…following her dream
Joseph’s vision wasn’t on the dream…it was on God
Your dream isn’t a pipe dream
He wants to change you life, your community
There’s something we’re doing that she can’t


The Stand


Dream out loud
If we lived out our dreams, we could change the world

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